My Story and my Style

I love being a parenting mentor and  nanny. Helping beautiful little souls to learn life skills as a profession is not only rewarding but also great fun. They say when you find what it is that you were born to do, then it never feels like work. It's true. 

I've always had a knack with children. I found out early in my life that children love someone to look up to who confidently cares for them and is fun to be around. What I noticed was that if you speak to children about what you are doing and what is expected of them, they want to come on board and fit in.

Children behave badly for two main reasons, if they don't know what's going on or if they believe that what is going on is negotiable.

What else is cool about being a nanny and parenting coach is that I've seen first hand all kinds of parenting styles. All families are unique and have different needs. I always find happy well behaved children are easiest to be around. I have never seen a happy child who has to resort to tantrums to feel heard.

I am also blessed with three wonderful children of my own and, although I raised them as a single mum for the majority of their childhood I found parenting easy and fun - at every stage of their childhood and consequently their adulthood. It may seem strange but even though I work with children I do not have the patience of a saint. Like many parents today, I was too busy to put up with whining, nagging and tantrums so I made a decision to eliminate those behaviours the minute they showed up.

There are certain things that need to happen for children grow up to be happy and balanced. Dr Gordon Neufeld -, theres a basic attachment necessary to gain our child's love so that we can parent them properly.

As Dr Gordon Neufeld states in his talk on 'What makes a child easy to parent' this may not fit in with your current parenting style, and thats ok too, but this is how I raised my children with love and joy, it works. 

  • takes our cues

  • listens and attends to us

  • trusts  and likes us

  • asks for our help

  • likes our company

  • feels at home with us

  • likes to please us

  • seeks to measure up

  • doesnt want to have secrets from us

Statistics from the American Board of Physicians has shown that 80% of mums are stressed and from my close observation I see that around two thirds of Australian mothers are feeling the same. Even more alarming is the overwhelming number of children who experience anxiety, by the age of 5. How can families cope if this isn't addressed? 

Parents today are in a time of transition with more mothers working than ever before. Technology is an overwhelming part of everyday lives. As far as I have observed, intuition and a mother's strength have become replaced with google.

Before changing careers, I was always flattered and surprised when other parents wanted to know my magic formula that seemed to mesmerize children into wanting to be good for me.  And yes, I did have a few things I did when I was with children, consistently.

I didnt realize it at the time, but once I began my days with children professionally, I found that all children, even the strong willed were better behaved when they were with me and I wanted to share that with other mums.

I studied Early Childhood, Positive Parenting and Life Coaching and I gained the skills I needed to get clarity on why this was happening. I was able to turn what I now knew into a really simple model which I call The Ace Parenting Model.

Becoming a nanny was a step toward sharing my parenting style with other parents while doing what I loved. It was the best decision I've ever made. It has enabled me to help more parents enjoy being with children as I do.

Childhood is very important and precious time in our children's lives. It's too important to get it wrong. 

Acquiring some skills to make the most momentous and adventurous job you will ever have, easier and more enjoyable is a smart decision for busy people.

I have no doubt that well behaved children are happier than children who are not. Having self aware children means that you can have less stress and more of life’s great things such as love and affection, connection, respect and the pride we feel when we know things are working.

I feel absolutely blessed to help other mums find the golden key to having happy, well behaved children with self respect and self esteem.

Sharon Cullington 2017


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