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Mum's Box of Tricks Workshop - Sunday 19/11/17

This 90 minute talk is designed specifically for mums, mums to be, mums in law, step mums and anyone who is doing a mums job. 

It's common knowledge that when we feel on top of the world, EVERYTHING gets better. Our problems feel less overwhelming, things just seem to fall into place and even our children are easier to manage. Wouldn't it be fabulous if every day was like that. So, why are you not feeling on top of the world every day? Could it be because you often feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Is it because you are not having enough fun and you feel like life is rushing you around constantly from one thing to another. Are your children not listening to you causing you to nag, threaten and yell? 

How did you're life become so out of your control?

Well, guess what, even though 80% of mums are stressed and yes, I have been there myself, you can turn things around. You can be the woman you used to be. Don't let her slip away. At this workshop you will learn how to claim back your birth right so you can be the calm, fun, loving leader you know will help you to feel on top of things again. 

Cost covered by Orange Theory Fitness Balmain and ACEKids


The Parenting Workshops   

If you're feeling that you need to get a few changes happening at home concerning the children but you're not sure where to start then the ACE Parenting Workshop is a fun way to explore your options and to learn about the ACE Parenting Model - 3 simple steps to great kids.

Held monthly in the Balmain area.  Each group is limited to 3 couples, this workshop gives you the opportunity to have one on one time with Sharon. You also get the time needed to get clear on what the issues really are and how to turn them around quickly. Most families I see tell me the changes are immediate. Once your child realises you're not backing down when pressure is put upon you, you will notice a sense of relief when your child feels that you are the strong, calm, loving leader they need you to be. It happens like magic. 

By simply following the three steps from the ACE Parenting Model you'll know how to communicate with your children in a way that they love and will want to listen to. Immediately, they begin responding to  you rather than, out of control, reacting at you. More than 90% of bad behaviour in children is a result of them not actually knowing what is expected of them.

Our next  Workshops are held in Balmain on;

 (first three consecutive weeks in December 1,8,15th) Fridays 7pm - 9pm  


(one session only) Saturday .        9/12/17                         10am - 4pm

 $259 (partner FREE)


Mums on Top - Group Coaching

We can have it all? So, why is it such a struggle?

Something is missing but you don't know what it is because you don't have a minute left at the end of every day to go looking. Right?

Well, you are not alone.

Being a mum today is harder than ever before, work and family pressures have mums so stressed that its become a normal state of being. Most mums struggle through believing one day it will get better. One day? What about today, can you imagine how you will feel when you aren't stressed? Can you imagine what family life will be like when you have a loving relaxed connected with your children and husband? 

Most women don't seek help until they cant cope any longer.

Please don't leave it that long. Why waste your precious life not feeling great? 

Mums on Top group coaching just for mums will give you that focussed time you need to think about what you really want for your life and how to get it. Imagine 6 fabulous women on a mission of finding their true selves. Lifelong friendships are formed. 

Three weeks of fun activities and secret womens business will give you  back your life so that you can be the wonderful, fabulous outstanding woman you were born to be. 

Next group starts November 21st in Balmain (28/11&5/12/17) 7-9pm

Cost $189


Free Discovery Session

Learn the simple techniques that guarantee you'll have the skills you need for effective parenting.

Grab a free Discovery Session via Skype,  facetime or just a phone call between 10am -2pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On this call you can talk about what's happening with the children's behaviour and you can share with Sharon what you feel needs to change at home .       

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Youtube Videos

Youtube 30 second videos on 'How to have an ACE Kid. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=acekids+parenting


How to Avoid the Parenting Guilt Trap - 30 minute Talk

Teaching children self control and the ability to think about their actions, gives them a gift for life. Having children who listen to you the first time you speak to them, who happily engage and co-operate, aids mealtimes, bedtime and outings, just to name a few of the benefits to your family. Guilty parenting is eliminated when you know that you have given your children the advantage of self control and their behaviour is that of a conscious and happy child. 

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Underpinning all we do is;

The ACE Parenting Model

The ACE Parenting Model underpins all we do at ACEKids. It is the core of ACEKids  only because a simple and effective approach to modern day parenting. This parenting style encourages mutual respect and a loving bond between you and your children based on self control and fun for everyone.  

ACE parenting helps you to truly enjoy each other's company and, in a very short time, will give you the skills to easily influence your children until they are old enough to make good decisions for themselves.