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If you know that you have to get a few changes happening at home with the children but you're not sure where to start then the workshop is a fun way to learn the ACE Parenting Model - 3 simple steps to great kids.

Held monthly in Birchgrove with a limit of 10 parents, the workshop gives you the opportunity to have a focussed amount of time really looking at what's going on at home. Once  you are clear on what is not working for you or the kids, you can simply follow the ACE Parenting Model steps to create that home life you really want and deserve. All children deserve the ability to know what is expected of them so they can get on board and feel like they are on your team. 90% of bad behaviour in children is a result of them not actually knowing what else to do.

Upcoming Workshops in Balmain

 (first three consecutive weeks in October) Fridays 7pm - 9pm  


(one session only) Saturday 21/10/17                         10am - 4pm

 $189 (partner FREE)

How to Avoid the Parenting Guilt Trap 30 minute Talk

Teaching children self control and the ability to think about their actions gives them a gift for life. Having children who listen to you the first time you speak to them who happily engage and co-operate aids mealtimes, bedtime and outings, just to name a few of the benefits to your famiiy. There is absolutely no leaning toward parenting guilt when you know that your children are happy and well adjusted.

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Youtube Videos

Youtube 30 second videos on 'How to have an ACE Kid. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=acekids+parenting


The ACE Parenting Model

Learn the simple techniques that guarantee you'll have great skills for effective parenting.

Grab a free discovery session in my office or via Skype or facetime between 10-2pm Mondays. Here you can talk about what's happening with the children's behaviour and you can ask me questions which I'll help you to find the answers to.   Make an Appointment now 

The ACE Parenting Model is the core of ACEKids. It's a simple and effective approach to parenting. This parenting style encourages mutual respect and a loving bond between you and your children based on self control and fun.  ACE parenting helps you to truly enjoy each other's company and, in a very short time, will give you the skills to easily influence your children until they are old enough to make good decisions for themselves.