About Sharon And ACEKids

I'm writing a book, it's called EXCUSE ME, Who Put The Kids in charge? Why that title? 

It's simple really, babies and children need clear guidelines to know what is expected of them, so that they don't feel so out of control so much of the time. There are many reasons why parenting has become difficult for many families but...it's not too late to turn things around.

For any team, whether it be an organisation, a band, a tribe or anytime there is a group of people achieving things then, naturally, there needs to be a leader. If this team is to operate successfully, it needs to have faith that the team leader not only knows what they are doing but they also know (or at least try to know) what's happening for the other members as well.

Every child will try to convince you that they want more than they are able to handle and we, as the parent, in turn, must only allow our child to experience what they are ready for not because they are begging. A small child’s primary learning comes from watching and observing how we do things not by being allowed to do things when they want to. 

Certainty and consistency are king when it comes to raising great kids and these are also qualities of a great leader. As parents we need to find that ability even when we are tired or not feeling up to it. If we don't, chaos and anarchy will reign and the natural order of the family gets lost because your very intelligent 2/3/4 year old will begin to realise that you can be manipulated with pressure. Cool!

I was lucky enough to be blessed with three wonderful children of my own. Although I was running a business throughout their childhood I found family life easy and fun as did the children. We had a few… moments, nevertheless, I was always complimented on how happy and connected we always seemed, and we were. Funnily enough all those years ago people kept saying to me 'you should write a parenting book', (I'm a bit slow sometimes).

Like many parents today, I was too busy to put up with bad behaviour so my solution was to nip any behaviours I found annoying right in the bud, if like me, you find unnecessarily annoying behaviours stressful, then allowing them would cause you stress, so, wouldn't eliminating them allow you to be a happier and nicer parent and partner for that matter? 

Having a great team leader encourages the children to come on board, happy to be guided, because they know you know, what you are doing.  Your children need you to be that leader. 

Becoming a nanny was a step toward sharing my parenting style with other parents while doing what I loved. It was the best decision I've ever made for many, many reasons and it has also enabled me to see all the challenges most families are facing today, not only in Sydney, across the entire western world.

After 20 years in the fashion retail business I changed direction to do what I've always loved, to be an influence to children. The joy I found in doing what I was born to do caused me to become a Life Coach  as I really wanted to help other women find their passion as I did. There are always options and choices to make that determine our destiny and its important to make choices to enhance our lives. Simply existing or feeling stressed and out of control doesn't make sense to me as an option.

The combination of being a nanny, (seeing parents struggling), as well as a life coach, (solution based), gave me the idea of creating a simple parenting model to help families get more joy from parenting and in turn from life. If there's one thing I know it's that once home life is sorted and more importantly enjoyable, everything else becomes easier.

Some parents call my way with children "Mary Poppins" or "Shazzie Magic" and sometimes I even feel that there is a kind of magic involved because of how quickly the children ‘get it’ and improve their behaviour.  

I especially love watching mums and dads get their 'aha' moment when they try out their new skills.

My passion is to support parents and children in finding out how to really enjoy this very precious time in their lives. I want this for you too, because parenting is too important to get it wrong. Acquiring some skills to make the most momentous job you will ever have, easier and more enjoyable is a smart decision for all parents.

It's a busy world we are living in and children need to have some skills up their sleeves to be able to negotiate it when you are not around. Children who are raised to be conscious, who've learnt patience and respect don’t resort to all the unnecessary out of control nonsense that is viewed as normal these days.

No family is perfect and there is always going to be times when you feel that you could have done it differently. Still, having time tested parenting skills means that you can get it right more often. When that happens you are less inclined to feel guilty and you'll have the peace of mind that allows you to get in touch with your intuition.

The benefits are ongoing, resulting in you and the whole family having more of life’s great things such as love and affection, connection, respect and time for yourself. Remember that you are creating family childhood memories that your children can draw on for life!