The ACE Parenting Model is the core of ACEKids which is a simple and effective approach to parenting based on creating a strong, loving bond, enjoyable communication and respect for both parents and children.

A - Acknowledge

C - Communicate

E - Enjoy


Children love a CALM leader to listen to and learn from.

February 2018

I was in a place of what felt like 'No Return' with my kids until "Mary Poppins" aka Shazzie came into our lives! Her advice, guidance, strategies, tips and tricks that she brought to our household to pull our 5 and 2 year olds into line, helped with their behaviour, listening, respecting us as parents and leaders and really helped us as well, to reconnect with each other.Our kids are on their way, being so much happier and really loveable kids. They are (most times) respecting the boundaries we have now put in place. It hasn't been easy and its still a work in progress but I could NOT have got this far without Shazzies help. I will continue to have her in our lives, especially our kids lives, because she has so much wisdom to share. L 5yrs & E 2yrs

January 2018

It's lovely to see the children being proud of themselves when they do nice things I’m just so glad you have given us the confidence to put in place appropriate boundaries to transfer to their world. I wish we had met Sharon six years ago (when my first child was born!). She has provided us with much-needed support in our parenting challenges. What Sharon does is common sense, but she has the perspective and experience to get beneath the emotion and stress that can lead things astray. Due to Sharon's guidance, our children have become more understanding of our expectations for them and, accordingly, more loving, warm and helpful in our home. The behavioural shifts have been enlightening for all of us. 

Thalia and – Balmain

R 6yrs & M 4yrs



I have been showing Lincoln all the super lovey dovey stuff as you said and yes, it works a treat…he loves it and puts his little head down with a cute, shy smile. I tell him to look at me with his beautiful blue eyes and I talk to him while he’s looking into my eyes…he seems to listen more when I do that too.

Jinni Annandale Lincoln & Elise both 3yrs.

December 2017

Before Sharon arrived at our house we had been dealing with a two year old that was spiralling out of control. He was losing respect for us, his belongings, friends and his place in our family. 
Behaviours such as running away, hitting, kicking and general defiance had become the norm and we were no longer able to deal with it. Cracks were showing in our family life, our relationship with our son, and each other. 
Then along came Sharon/modern day Mary Poppins. 
After a lengthy (free) phone conversation discussing the behaviours and how to overcome them my husband and I decided to book in a home visit. She arrived at our doorstep and after a brief chat with myself and my husband she swung into action. She observed our son interacting with us and when we were losing control she would step in and demonstrate the tone and body language we should be using. Within half an hour our son as responding like he hadn’t done so for months. 
The changes in our parenting style have been a challenge because we were being far too soft, however Sharon was clear that the toughness is only short term while the family hierarchy is reinstated as our son finds his place. This statement is proving itself to be true!
Since her visit a week ago, our son has started to transform into a divine little man that we love to be around. He is becoming more and more affectionate and hitting/kicking have become a thing of the past. His running away has stopped and rarely needs reminders to use his manners. 
What Sharon taught us, and what we had started doing, gave us the confidence to take our son out to a family dinner (at a nice restaurant) after a Babysitter cancelled and the little angel sat there for the whole dinner which ran almost two hours past his bed time. There were times that we needed to be tough, but they could be counted on one hand. 2 weeks ago we couldn’t even get through a coffee and cake in a cafe. 
I’m also amazed that Sharon has made herself available for follow up calls and text messages when we have doubted ourselves or to help us find alternatives for tools that were no longer working. 
Sharon has given us the confidence and the tools we needed for our family to start living in the harmony we all deserve and need. We will be forever grateful for her imparting her wisdom.

Bonnie and Ollie - Freshwater Teddy 2yrs

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